A Beautiful Woman in Venice

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The Book

A stately woman in a brocade gown steps off a golden boat. A mirror merchant in a simple white blouse takes action to preserve her republic. An elegant singer poses in a private salon. Standing at a university podium, a woman holds forth in Latin on women’s education. A cloistered nun in a walled up convent uses the only power she has—her pen. Artists hold in their hands pastels or pens or glass or thread to document or protect or adorn or embellish those around them. A hostess orchestrates the conversation to keep culture alive.

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The Trip

Your group will include other women just like you! Groups will be intimate, between 3-10 so you will always be able to hear and will feel comfortable asking questions. This trip has been planned for the solo traveler. If you are two friends traveling together there will be sizable discounts available. Women only, 21 and up please. Most tours are more expensive, and prices typically are per person double occupancy. Also most will offer “optional excursions” once you are there which adds to your total. ABWIV does none of these things. All options are already included there are no hidden charges.

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The Concept

Venice’s undeniable beauty is contagious, and a woman feels more beautiful just by being there.  Maybe it is simply being surrounded by so much loveliness, or maybe it has to do with the charming way the Italian men make a sport of flattery.  Or maybe Venice truly is magical and one really does become more beautiful simply by being there.

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