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“The ad on Facebook caught my eye immediately. After clicking on the link and reading the itinerary I was hooked and Venice bound! Never could I have imagined what awaited me. Vonda was so nice to send us a copy of the book “A Beautiful Woman in Venice” so we could read the stories of the women from long ago and she brought them to life on the tour. Her love of Venice and her knowledge of the history made this trip even better. If not for her I would have walked around this beautiful, intriguing city not noticing or understanding some of the things we saw. I will never forget this magical week in Venice. Thank you Vonda, you are a great tour guide and I hope to join you again someday.”

Julie R, TN

“This trip with ABWIV was truly a beautiful experience in Venice. Everything about the trip was a learning experience about life in the days I’ve only read about. I felt as if I were walking into a museum. Magical, memorable, and another one off the old bucket list. Oh, how could I forget? The women we learned about from the book ABWIV, to read about them and to see where they came from was definitely a unique experience. So you have everything you could ever want in a trip.”

Maureen T., NY

“Venice is a magical place. It’s like stepping back in time, the history is so rich. Vonda’s knowledge of the people in Venetian history and the places we toured was wonderful. She was so personable that I felt like I was with an close friend the whole time. I, too, have fallen in love with Venice and hope to return someday, maybe with ABWIV!”

Gloria B., TN

“Vonda took care of EVERYTHING! I simply had to relax — and walk! Venice is the most amazing place I have ever seen and this tour allowed me to savor Venice without once worrying about practicalities. The women we discussed were amazing and it was great to visit locations where they lived, loved, worked, and left their mark on history. I am inspired to learn more about these women since my trip and I can’t wait to return again to Venice!”

Jamie C., NY

“I wanted to share my experience of the Venice trip I took with ABWIV this summer. Seeing Venice for the first time was an amazing experience. What made it especially nice was Vonda who was the perfect guide. She was there to assist everyone to make our trip more enjoyable and really went the extra mile.”

Angela A., NY

“I went on a spring tour with Vonda and it was very much worth it! Vonda has so much information she’s done so much research to find out everything she can about Venetian history and culture. She made Venice so much fun! I cried when I had to leave, and I will definitely be going back!! Venice is my favorite place ever!!”

Jeanna E., FL

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